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Our mission is Better Health Care for All Floridians. We employ individuals to do housekeeping, cook, run errands, and provide companionship to the elderly and adults with disabilities. Every day we look for ways to improve health care in this state, and we appreciate your partnership in that effort. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

AHCA#: 233515

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What services do you provide?
Our Home Care Companions do household chores that include housekeeping, cooking, shopping assistance, laundry, and other routine household tasks. In addition, we provide companionship for the client such as keeping a person company at home or going with the person to appointments or other outings. The state law says that a Home Care Companion cannot provide any hands-on personal care to a client under the registration issued by AHCA. Personal care means assistance with the activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, eating, or personal hygiene, and assistance in physical transfer, ambulation, and in administering medication.

2. Does your Home Care Companion Services include Respite Care?

3. Is Home Care Companion Service limited to the elderly?
No. It can also be for adults that are disabled.

4. Can a Homemaker Companion "flip a lever or handle" to switch oxygen from indoor tank to a tank which can be taken outside?
No. A Home Care Companion service will have to refer clients who need assistance with oxygen equipment to a licensed home health agency or nurse registry for services.

5. Can Home Care Companions record blood pressure readings for their clients?
No. Clients needing assistance with their blood pressure will be referred to a licensed home health agency or nurse registry for services.

6. Can Home Care Companions travel with clients as well as do chores, cook, etc.?
A Home Care Companion is not prohibited from traveling with clients, but cannot provide any personal care assistance to the client.

7. Do you provide services for children?
No. Contact the Department of Children and Family Services for information on programs for children or go to the www.myflorida.com web site and click on "Children and Families" under government agencies.

8. Can a Home Care Companion help a client with their medication?

9. Can a Home Care Companion comb a client's hair and paint nails?
Yes. Casual cosmetic assistance is permitted, such as combing or brushing hair, assisting with make-up, filing and polishing nails but not clipping nails.

10. Can a Home Care Companionor provide assistance with ambulation?
No. We are prohibited from providing hands on personal care according to state law. The state law defines personal care as including assistance with walking. “Assistance with ambulation,” is an ongoing action for an elderly or disabled person who needs assistance for all or most of the time, e.g., pushing someone in a wheelchair, or aiding someone walking with or without the use of assistive devices such as walkers, canes or crutches.

11. Can a Home Care Companion stabilize a client when walking, as needed, by holding the client’s arm or hand?
Yes. We can take reactive measures only, when needed, to prevent falls and injuries to persons who generally need no assistance. Once the person is “stabilized” and able to continue walking there should be no other need to hold the client’s arm or hand.

12. Can you accept clients who also need nursing services and contract with home health agencies or nurse registries to provide the nursing?

13. Can you do standby assistance with bathing or monitor bathing?
No. These clients will be referred to a home health agency or a nurse registry.

14. Can you pick up clients from outpatient surgery, take them home and observe them for any complications?
No. These clients will be referred to a home health agency or a nurse registry.

1. Do you have nurses available?
No. We are prohibited by Florida law from providing any hands-on personal care under the registration issued by AHCA. We can only provide housekeeping, chores, errands, cooking, and companionship -- that does not include any personal care.

2. Do you have Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) available?
We are not prohibited in the law from hiring someone who has been trained as a CNA, but the person cannot work as a CNA under our registration. Anyone we hire can only work as a Home Care Companion under this registration and cannot do hands-on personal care or health care services. Thus, we generally hire Home Care Companions that are generally helpful persons who are good at housekeeping, laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and keeping people company.

3. Are your Home Care Companions mandated to have the following prior to going in home(s): TB tests, HIV screening, shots, and CPR training?
No. There are no requirements for our Home Care Companions to have TB tests, HIV screening, shots or CPR training under the AHCA homemaker companion services registration.

4. Do you have employees or just contractors?
We are permitted to have both.

5. Do your Home Care Companions have background screenings?
Yes. We ensure that all our staff are background screened prior to providing services for clients.

6. Do you provide Home Care Companions to other agencies like home health agencies and nurse registries?

1. How do I file a complaint against a Home Care Companion?
Call the AHCS Complaint call center: 1-407-250-6989

2. Are Home Care Companion Services inspected or surveyed?
Yes. A field office surveyor may make an unannounced visit when a complaint is received about a Home Care Companion service.

3. After closing a Homemaker Companion Service (HCS) agency, what happens to the client records?
The state law [408.810(5) (b) (1) (2), Florida Statutes] requires the agency to remain responsible for retaining and appropriately distributing all records. If the owner has died or the agency has dissolved, the estate or agent of the agency is responsible. The following is to be done:
(1) Make arrangements to forward records for each client to one of the following, based upon the client's choice: the client or the client's legal representative, the client's attending physician, or the health care provider where the client currently receives services; or
(2) Cause a notice to be published in the newspaper of greatest general circulation in the county in which the provider was located that advises clients of the discontinuance of the provider operation. The notice must inform clients that they may obtain copies of their records and specify the name, address, and telephone number of the person from whom the copies of records may be obtained. The notice must appear at least once per week for 4 consecutive weeks.

4. Do you have an actual office space?
Yes. We have an office located at: 1635 East Robinson Street, Orlando, FL 32803. Also, our business name, street address, and phone number will be on the AHCA web site www.FloridaHealthFinder.gov.





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